About Charles

Charles Murdock is a retired Marlow Educator. His platform is simple:
  • Finding a long-range, permanent source of funding for education including periodic pay raises for all school personnel. It hasn't been done in 111 years. It's time to do it now!
  • Raising the Gross Production Tax back to where it was years ago; and up to the 7% the oil and gas industries are paying in other oil-producing states.
  • Protect the middle and lower income classes in Oklahoma from bearing the largest load from new taxes, and insist the wealthy pay their fair share and not have special exemptions.
  • Have more realistic taxation on cigarettes from $1.50 per pack to 75¢ per pack and decrease the proposed 6¢ per gallon gasoline tax to 3¢ per gallon.
  • Protect promises made decades ago in regards to pension plans, defined benefits, and cost-of-living raises.

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